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why does the world exist?

why does the world exist?

Does the world exist to be loved by us? Or does the sun hurt our eyes to teach us to keep our filthy eyes off the sun?

(I’m just asking questions.)

Why do you think the world exists? Have you ever tried to write about it? If you’re feeling a bit blocked creatively, underwhelmed or overwhelmed by life and not sure where to start, maybe you need to try a bigger question:


If you’d like, you can put that exact question on a piece of paper and see what answer pops out. (You probably won’t get the answer right, but if you do, please email me about it.)

It’s fine to write about something small that’s right in front of you. The size of your coffee cup. The smell of your laundry. The pain of your ego. But you’re also allowed to write about something massive that’s right in front of you.

The whole world is with you. Right now. Why not write about it?

I think writing teaches us new ways to love the world and how to see it better. I write to make friends and to make money, but I could do those things a lot of other ways. The thing I can’t seem to get any other way is the ability to care this much without dying.

If we stare directly at the sun, we can fry our eyes and harm ourselves forever. But if we look at it through a solar telescope or a pinhole viewer, we can see every detail of its surface safely. Writing is a pinhole viewer for our hearts, a solar telescope for our souls, that lets us care about everything without burning out our empathy.

Too corny? That’s fine. I can take it because I also own a leather jacket. (We all contain multitudes and about 15% of mine are “cool.”)

Look with me. Care with me. Write with me.

(want something practical? try 55 ways to stop procrastination.)

xo, megan

Thanks for giving this a few minutes. I hope it felt supportive.

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