I want to help you write something that ONLY YOU could EVER write.

-Megan C.

Book a session and put my 20 years of professional writing and editing experience on your side. My writing has been commissioned by the Kennedy Center, published in McSweeney’s, performed live on three continents, and earned over a million page views in a calendar year.

I primarily write theatre scripts and opera libretti but have also been paid to write video games, science blogs, celebrity news, song lyrics, humor, essays, literary and genre fiction, screenplays, ESL lessons, strategy guides, musicals for children, new material for stand-ups, long and short-form poems… if it has words, I want to try it. I have limited coaching spots (most of my time goes to writing!) but I love working 1-on-1 to support writers who are ready to grow.

Here are a few of my packages that help different kinds of writers:

($800/mo) Simply the Best
For deeply accelerated growth.
* Weekly 45-min 1-on-1 call.
* Detailed written comments on your pages and drafts between calls (1hr/wk.)

Make substantial and expedited progress on a big project (like a book or a script) and/or build high-level habits and skills for an agile writing life; get it all with this combo of live personal coaching and supportive, detailed written feedback. A strong commitment with transformative results.

($400/mo) Ghost in the Machine
For a skill and style boost.
* 75 mins/wk of detailed written comments on your pages and drafts.
You send me your most exciting or troublesome work and I give line-by-line comments to punch it up, diagnose the unhelpful habits cluttering your style, and spotlight the strengths you might not realize are exceptional. A powerful, attentive outside eye that empowers you to hone and strengthen your abilities.

($250/mo) Jiminy Cricket
For support and accountability.
* Monthly 30-minute 1-on-1 call.
* Weekly check-in emails.

Every week, I show up in your inbox or on your meeting calendar with gentle, firm support to keep you progressing towards your writing goals as we build creative habits that fit into your actual life, celebrate your milestones, and team up to spot-solve problems in your work that have you stumped or blocked. A steady guide to stick you to your writing journey.

All these packages (and custom ones) begin the same way: with a one-time, 55-minute, $80, 1-on-1 Zoom session. Book one now.

Q: What happens in those 55 minutes?
A: We…
* Clarify your writing goals.
* Chat about how to get you where you want to go.
* Organize a starter set of exercises and resources to help you get there.
* Look closely at a small passage of your writing to see what we can learn from it to better serve your voice.

If that attentive, creative, supportive 55-minute experience might lift you up, book one now.

  • If the approach and timing feel right for my coaching to make a big impact, we may decide on the spot in that session to go forward together.
  • Sometimes we hit it off and the approach is great, but it is not the best time; we might work together later when the right project comes along.
  • I serve some writers best with just this single session; in those cases, we build an independent writing roadmap that the writer can follow on their own.

In our session, we find out how I can be most authentically useful to your writing. There is no one way that has to look. This is not a sales session. Many coaches do a free consultation to get you in the door. Those are sales sessions. I am not selling; I am serving.

Book your 55-minute session now.

2-month minimum on coaching plans and 10% discount for upfront commitments of 3+ months. (Why? So we have time to cement the lessons from your breakthroughs and make them permanent improvements to your writing life. If we do work together, I want it to stick with you for lasting impact.)

Wish everyone could access this expressive support, creative guidance, and direct mentorship?

Every dollar you donate, I match with a gift of time to double your impact.

Let’s do something good together.

Help me offer free 1-on-1 time to houseless writers, elder writers with untold stories, writers from underrepresented groups who also experience extreme financial need, and other under-resourced members of our community.

If you may qualify for free coaching, email me to start a conversation; let me know your situation and any urgent writing goals so we can get you scheduled (or waitlisted, as space dictates).

Writing Coach Megan C.
Questions? Email megan@howtowritesomething.com

(Want to know more about me personally? Check out my theatre and opera website.)