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want to write more? i’m a sliding scale writing coach.

writing coach megan cohen looks friendly

Here’s my best quick writing advice:

tell the truth.
don’t give up.
have fun.

Ok yes, I’m Megan. I’m a writer and f*ckin’ friendly writing coach.

In a sliding scale private Zoom session, we can talk frankly about your writing goals, creative challenges, habits, and strengths.

I’ve been writing for 20 years. Let me save you some time.


A love letter.
A wedding toast.
A eulogy.
An apology.
None of us get through life without having something that we need to write.
And somehow, when we really need to, we do.

Ok, everyone writes.
But can everyone write SOMETHING that MATTERS?


I really mean this.
Everyone I’ve worked with, from teens to elders to hobbyists to six-figure earners, can write something amazing.

A book, a script, a poem, an essay, a song that matters not just to them, but to other people.
Your writing will matter to total strangers.

(And if you’re a burned out pro, you can write something amazing like that again.)

So if we can all do it, why don’t we always succeed?

It’s a skill issue.

Writing is no more or less technical than cooking, sewing, building a backyard shed, restoring a vintage car, cutting hair, or growing a vegetable garden.

(But I think it’s a lot more fun.)

The more skills you have, the more you can do. You don’t need every skill to be a great writer. You don’t need A+ spelling and grammar or perfect work habits where you consistently write from 6:05-6:25am every day. I don’t have those. But I have other writing skills, so I make it work.

If you want to write stuff that will matter to strangers, try building your skills.

Confidence is a skill.
Technique is a skill.
Focus? Follow-through? Knowing when to cut a paragraph short? Skills.

You can sweat your way into these skills on your own, but I think I can make it easier.

Reviews have called me “one insightful and confident woman” with “searing smarts” and “a bottomless capacity for feeling.”

That’s how I write and that’s how I coach.

I want to help you write something that ONLY YOU could ever write.

But that’s not the only reason I coach.

Look. My writing has been commissioned by the Kennedy Center, published in McSweeney’s, performed live on three continents, and earned over a million pageviews in a calendar year. I’m a writer who coaches, not a coach who writes.

I’ve been a professional creative writer for most of my life. I first got paid for writing at age 16 and haven’t really stopped. I’m a huge dork for writing. I love it so much. I’ve been writing for over 20 years and I currently average 50,000 brand new words a month, but I’m not burned out. I’m the opposite of burned out.

I want everyone to get to feel the way I do about writing.

Writing has brought me friends, lovers, money, meaning, focus, purpose, free international airfare, invitations to some real weird parties, and it even got me an apartment once. Because of writing I’ve had a much deeper and more fascinating life than I’d ever have had without it. Not just because of where writing has taken me, but because of how writing has changed me.

In addition to giving me access to cool experiences like interviewing champion athletes backstage at a stadium, watching pre-broadcast screeners of unaired episodes from Bill Nye the Science Guy, and getting a passcard to the semi-secret rare books basement of the British Library, writing has helped me love the world more.

Writing coach Megan Cohen is a middle aged white cis woman with a swirling pouf of brown hair on top of her head that looks like a croissant. She smiles at the camera with a closed mouth.

Every time I write, I learn to attend. To notice more. To appreciate better. To care.


Writing is a really great shortcut to making that happen.

No matter what you write about, you’ll end up caring more about it by the time you’re done.

The more we write, the more we’ll care.

That’s why I coach.

Plus, we need your story.

Every voice I’ve worked with as a writing coach, from unhoused folks to middle-class moms to C-Suite executives, has something unique to give. We need all of it. All of the perspectives. All of the humanity.

We have to care more about each other.

Writing is a really good shortcut to making that happen.

I don’t offer group classes. I only coach one-on-one because it lets me give you my highest quality of focus and I won’t settle for giving you anything less. Private coaching might sound out of your price range, but I know we need your voice no matter your income level; all my sessions are sliding scale.

Deeply supportive and RESPECTFUL writing coaching can be especially vital for writers whose identities (like mine) are statistically underrepresented in US mainstream creative media and publishing. (This certainly includes LGBTQIA2S+ folx, people of the global majority, neurodivergent people, visibly and invisibly disabled people, larger-bodied people, people with working class or poverty class experiences, and all women.) This stuff matters even when our work is not explicitly about our identities. Your perspective means everything.

How do we start?

We meet on Zoom for an hour.

We’ll start with one focused, hands-on private session.

Most folks meet with me monthly-ish as they work towards and achieve a major writing goal (like a finished script or publication-ready project.) But “most folks” isn’t everyone!

Some writers never have a steady schedule with me as a writing coach. They just drop in for tactical support when they need it every once in a while; a handful of sporadic sessions over a couple of years. Other writers get everything they need from me to reboot their writing practice after one single session.

However it ends up, it’ll start the same way.

One hour together. Just you and me. We can do a lot in sixty minutes.

How’s your writing going? Come get unstuck from a block, ask a few questions and get respectful honest answers, or tune up some key pages on a big project.

One hour could change your writing practice forever.

(Some writing coaches like to start the relationship with a free 15 or 20 minute “discovery call,” kind of like a job interview or a first date. I don’t like these; they feel kinda sales-y. Instead, let’s do a REAL hour of WORK as our first meeting! If it sucks, at least you committed hard!!!!!!! Commitment is good for writing and good for the soul.)

What happens in a session?

If you’ve sent me pages, I’ll arrive with line-by-line comments that help unlock the core of your style.

An open notebook in the foreground. In the background, a woman who is a member of the global majority writes on a piece of paper with a yellow pencil.

We’ll upgrade your technique… look for places where you’re hiding between the lines… and help your vision land at the micro level of your sentence structure and the macro level of your narrative arc. (I love applying cognitive science about memory and emotion to give you a creative advantage!)

We’ll identify what you intended and what you achieved, and explore where those match and clash.

Why bother? To help you become more skillfully intentional in all your work as a writer.

If you don’t have pages to send me, we’ll figure out why.

A woman of the global majority writes with a pen in her notebook. She holds a cup of coffee in her other hand and sits at a wooden table in front of an open laptop. She wears glasses and elegant metal earrings.

When you come to a session feeling blocked or uninspired, we’ll sort out what’s going on… and what to f*ckin’ DO about it.

We’ll dig all the way down to grappling with major creative anxieties so we can find safe ways to ease you back to writing. Practical neuroscience shortcuts for reaching a flow state. Surprising workarounds like playful bribery. Big, small; no tactic left behind.

(It’ll be fine. I’ve been through those cycles of guilt and shame and frustration about not writing, and it didn’t kill my career. Let’s get you out.)

We’ll find new tools that actually work for you so you can make what you love… and actually love writing it.

What does this all cost?

It costs what you can afford. All my sessions are sliding scale. If even my lowest rate is too high: I have occasional free coaching spots supported by generous donors, so please email me and say “I’m interested in a community scholarship” to get the most current information.

As a writing coach, I’ll make you one promise.

I can’t promise that you’ll churn out a bestseller, that you’ll win a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, or even that you’ll keep writing. Maybe during our session, you’ll realize you’re actually ready to quit because you’ve been trying to meet someone else’s expectations by becoming a writer and you’d rather paint houses or build LEGO® cities. I can’t promise you a specific outcome.

But I can promise this:

I won’t treat you like a student who it’s my job to mold or instruct during our conversations about your writing habits, your challenges, your goals, your questions, or your creative blocks.

I’ll treat you like a genius, with all the respect and rigor and love and excitement that word suggests.
Because when you write, you are one.

Sliding Scale Writing Coach

I offer three price tiers (Luxury, Standard, and Economy) as an ethical business practice.
Please book your session at the rate that feels appropriate for you.
I accept bookings up to 30 days in advance.


Higher-priced “luxury” sessions directly support additional writing mentorship for vital voices without financial resources.

Share your abundance with structurally oppressed voices (like unhoused writers, folks with disabilities that limit their earnings, and elders on fixed incomes with untold stories.)


Market rate “standard” sessions are my mainstay as a writing coach. Let me serve you sustainably.


Lower-priced “economy” sessions increase access for writers with limited financial resources.

Your income level is not your value.

If the economy rate is still a hardship, you may qualify for free coaching thanks to generous donors.

If you need that, just email me and say “I’m interested in a community scholarship.” That’s all you gotta say. We’ll sort it out. As someone who has benefited from similar programs in the past, I will treat you with respect for your privacy and gratitude for your time as we arrange your support.

Thank you for writing.

Tell the truth, don’t give up, and have fun.

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