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Only you can write like you. A good writing coach helps you do it with more ease and power.

“I want to help you write something that ONLY YOU could EVER write.”

-Megan Cohen

Put my 20 years of professional writing and editing experience on your side. My writing has been commissioned by the Kennedy Center, published in McSweeney’s, performed live on three continents, and earned over a million pageviews in a calendar year.

Create unforgettable work.
Love what and how you write.
Build healthy creative habits.
Try something new.

Half an hour could change your writing practice forever.

I coach because writers kept asking me for it.
For years, people would see or read my work.
“Can I work with you?”
Finally, I started saying yes.

I’m primarily known for my stage plays and opera libretti, but have also been paid to write video game stories, science blogs, celebrity news, song lyrics, humor, essays, literary and genre fiction, screenplays, ESL lessons, fundraising speeches, poker strategy guides, musicals for children, new material for stand-up comedians, long and short-form poems, video trailers, and once a puzzlemaker even hired me to write rhymed riddles like some kind of weird freelance bridge troll. In my writing life I’ve won awards and fellowships and residencies and grants, but more impressively: after decades of writing, I still LOVE it. In the first three months of 2023, my creative writing word count is higher than in any quarter of any previous year. I am the opposite of burned out. That’s why I coach; I want everyone to get to feel this creatively engaged, this artistically curious, this durably committed, this absolutely lucky when they write. I have limited coaching spots (most of my time goes to writing!) but I love working 1-on-1 to support writers who are ready to grow.

Your next step.
Your pace.
Your price.

Your writing. More ease. More power.

Your next step.
  • Could your writing goals get clearer? Let’s focus on your biggest impact.
  • Are healthy creative habits your baseline? Let’s upgrade your process sustainably.
  • What technique limitations might be slowing your progress? Let’s expand your skills.
  • Do you have a practical set of exercises and resources to take your project to its next phase? Let’s equip your toolkit.
  • What underdeveloped strengths are lurking in the style or structure of how you write? I love close reading your work to find them.
Your pace.
  • Need accountability? Meet weekly.
  • Got a big landing you really want to stick and/or a freaky dry spell to break? Meet here and there.
  • Simply curious? Let’s see if a one-time intervention of 30 mins or 60 mins can change your writing practice forever.
  • No two writers are alike. That’s why I use a flexible book-as-you-go, pay-as-you-go coaching model.
Your price.
  • All bookings are sliding scale on the honor system.
  • I offer three price tiers (Luxury, Standard, and Economy) as an ethical business practice.
  • Please book your 60 min or 30 min session at whichever price tier below feels appropriate for you.


These higher-priced sessions directly support additional writing mentorship for vital voices without financial resources.

Share your abundance with structurally oppressed voices (like unhoused writers, folks with disabilities that limit their earnings, and elders on fixed incomes with untold stories.)


These market rate sessions are the mainstay of my coaching and let me serve writers sustainably.


These lower-priced sessions (limited number per month) increase access for writers facing financial challenges, so they can receive support for their voices without undue hardship.

Economy tier starts at $33/session.

If economy tier is still beyond your financial reach, you may qualify for free coaching with a community scholarship.
As someone who has personally benefited from similar scholarships in the past, I will treat you with respect for your privacy and gratitude for your time.
If this sounds right for you, email me to start a conversation. Let me know you’re interested and I’ll share more specifics about how to qualify and get on my roster.

Sliding scale pricing is vital to cultivating a diverse community of creative voices.

Thank you for being part of it.

Writing Coach Megan C.
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Want to learn about how my own writing career brought my plays to stages on three continents, earned me a million pageviews, and helped me meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

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