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100 Blog Posts in 2024 (100 valentines for my friends)

(2 min read.) I’m publishing 100 blog posts in 2024.

All of them will be about how to write more, how to write better, or why to write at all.

You can read them at

Most Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am PT.

If you’d like reminders, follow my new socials:

Today felt like the right day to start because it’s Feb 14th (Valentine’s Day.) In their own way, these are gonna be 100 valentines. I love letters and I love the alphabet and I love writing and I love you.

I don’t have everyone’s postal address to send out a little card that has a trace of my lipstick or whatever (I’m a femme, so that’s how I do business) but if you’re reading this, you found me anyway. Thank you. I hope you’re feeling love today, given and received.

I hope you can find something to love.

I hope you can feel that something (the stars, a baby, a whale, a friend, a tree, a spouse, a couple spouses, a donut, an artistic practice, a softly incarnated long-haired venus in a clamshell rising out of the sea, a rad cactus, a ravioli, a ghostly gender-ambigious poet who moonlights as a really sensitive cuddler, an adorable ugly cat, a buffed-out hockey player) loves you back.

Sometimes it’s easier to get the love and sometimes it’s easier to give it. Sometimes it’s easiest to trade it, because it’s so scary to give without a guaranteed return. If you open the window and try to make love to the entire world you’ll get frostbite, etc.

I don’t know if anyone will love this or read it, but I’m opening the window anyway.

I’m starting with My 10 Best Writing Tips (5 min read.)

Next week, I’ll share some favorite ways to beat procrastination. (Good for writers, but also for anyone who wants to get something done.)

Soon I’ll post strategies for editing, handling perfectionism, how to tell the truth on the page, how to get a career writing video games, the neuroscience of word order in a sentence, why I love to help people quit Julia Cameron’s morning pages, and how writing can save the world (in real, practical ways.)

 I’ll keep going like that until the end of the year. Most Monday and Wednesday mornings. I think it’ll be fun. I love supporting writers in private zoom sessions as a writing coach. My sessions are sliding scale, but I know one-on-one video coaching isn’t right for everyone’s learning style or access needs. So I’m excited to publish my best writing tips here for free.

100 love letters to writing and 100 love letters for anyone who reads them. Because I love letters, and I love the alphabet, and I love writing, and I love you.

A white lace doily in the shape of a valentine on a red background. Inside the heart is white text that says 100 posts.

xo, megan

Thanks for giving this a few minutes. I hope it felt supportive.

Writing coach Megan Cohen is a white cis woman with soft femme hair. She wears black but stands in front of a wall covered in brightly colored brainstorming post-it notes. She smiles with closed lips and warm eyes. Her skin is amazing even though she's middle-aged.

I’m a f*ckin’ friendly writing coach.

Let’s see what an hour with me can do for you. Get treated with honesty and respect. Bring your work-in-progress, your goals, or your frustrated blank page. Sliding scale; no ongoing commitment; just an hour to work on your writing. See me in a private zoom to put my 20 years of experience on your side.

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