May I email you occasionally about my writing life and what I am learning from it?

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Once in a while, I send an email to this always-free list. It is casual and personal. I share news about projects and offer lessons I am learning from my own writing life.

Most emails include some kind of practical idea, tool, advice, technique, or invitation that can help your writing practice.

In addition to working as a paid coach, it is part of my mission to always find money-neutral ways to directly support writers. These emails are one way that happens!

Sometimes I will tell you a story or offer an exercise I feel lucky to have discovered or learned. Sometimes I will share links to cool writing resources that I find inspiring. There will sometimes be news on ticketed or priced offerings that are part of my creative life, but it is not a sales list: it is a list for friends and writers and people who love the written word.

I call subscribing to my list Subscribing to The Megan Cohen Experience because that makes it more fun.

I would love to email you occasionally about my writing life and what I am learning from it.

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